Oeltjen's inside-the-parker stirs memories

Oeltjen's inside-the-parker stirs memories

Oeltjen's inside-the-parker stirs memories
DENVER -- Trent Oeltjen's inside-the-park home run Saturday was the first by a Dodger since Blake DeWitt three years ago, and the feat was almost as rare as the triple-play the Dodgers hit into earlier in the trip.

Tony Gwynn Jr. hit two inside-the-park homers playing in San Diego, while Casey Blake had one while with Cleveland.

"It was a few years back, when I could run a bit," joked Blake.

Matt Kemp, James Loney, Jamey Carroll, Andre Ethier, Juan Rivera -- none of them has one.

Coach Manny Mota, though, recalls two Dodgers -- he and Willie Davis -- legging out inside-the-parkers in the same game. It was June 11, 1972, against the Pirates at Dodger Stadium, with both coming off right-hander Bruce Kison.

"I hit one down the left-field line, Willie hit one down the right-field line, both outfielders waited for the ball to kick back to them but it stayed along the railing and shot past and they had to chase the ball toward center field," said Mota. "That's exciting baseball."

Manager Don Mattingly remembers hitting one in Yankee Stadium down the right-field line against the Red Sox when the outfielder tried to make a play and nearly got knocked out running into the railing.

Dee Gordon said his most memorable inside-the-park homer is one he didn't get credit for this year at Triple-A Albuquerque.

"I was rounding third with my head down and looked up and the umpire was right in front of me and I smashed into him," said Gordon. "When Lo [manager Lorenzo Bundy] came out to argue, the umpire said I was running too fast and he couldn't get out of my way."