Dodgers' offense picks up under Hansen

Dodgers' offense picks up under Hansen

PHOENIX -- The Dodgers offense has improved in the last two-plus weeks, coinciding with the change in hitting coaches from Jeff Pentland to Dave Hansen.

Manager Don Mattingly said the reason probably has more to do with the hitters than the coaches.

"It has been better," Mattingly said of the offense's ability to extend innings. "I think the guys were bothered by it a little bit. In a sense, it's a wake-up call. I've been around all kinds of [coaching] changes. As a player, I know it's my fault. In a sense, I'm not doing my job. I kind of just cost a guy his job. We've got to be better than this."

Nonetheless, Mattingly said the results have reflected well on Hansen, who was named the interim hitting coach. Should Hansen be considered to have the interim tag removed for next year?

"I would think so, in my mind," Mattingly said.

In the 15 games since the change, the Dodgers are 10-5 while averaging four runs a game. Before the change, they averaged 2.57 runs a game.