Ethier sits vs. left-hander to rest knee

Ethier sits vs. left-hander to rest knee

Ethier sits vs. left-hander to rest knee
SAN FRANCISCO -- Andre Ethier was out of the Dodgers starting lineup Tuesday night, in part because he's struggled against left-handed pitchers and in part because of a right knee that could require offseason cleanup arthroscopy.

"It's just a day off," said manager Don Mattingly. "Dre's been battling lefties [.228] and I'm hearing a little more about his knee. It's a good day to give him."

Ethier hyperextended his right knee in Spring Training 2010 and ices it after every game. On an at-bat in Arizona over the weekend, he stumbled out of the batter's box on a swing. Nonetheless, he's played all but two games this year.

As for the pitching matchup, Ethier was 1-for-10 against Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco's starting pitcher Tuesday night. Mattingly said he expects Ethier to be in the lineup Wednesday, when the Dodgers face Tim Lincecum. Ethier is 9-for-32 with two homers against Lincecum.

"The same stuff he had last year," Mattingly said of Ethier's knee. "It comes and goes. He was ready. He was a little bit surprised."

Ethier is 1-for-16 since his All-Star appearance, his batting average slipping below .300 for the first time since the second game of the year.

"In Arizona, he gets frustrated because nothing was really falling," said Mattingly. "The last game there, he scalded one 410 feet and it's caught, hit a liner to left. He just gets frustrated when he doesn't get hits. He needs to stay in the strike zone. He has a tendency, when we're not scoring runs, to try to make something happen."

Juan Rivera replaced Ethier in right field.