Shoulder injury raises concern for Garland

Shoulder injury raises concern for Garland

Shoulder injury raises concern for Garland
LOS ANGELES -- Injured Dodgers starter Jon Garland threw for the first time Tuesday after being placed on the disabled list with inflammation in his shoulder.

That wasn't necessarily good news, however, as Garland said he was still unsure when he'd return and admitted to wondering if his season and possibly career could be over.

"That's the natural tendency," Garland said. "It's my livelihood. I've depended on my arm for quite a long time and the first thought is, 'Is this it?' I just have to stay positive and hope I get back."

Garland has been out since June 2, and 22-year-old flamethrower Rubby De La Rosa has taken his place in the rotation. Garland, who is 1-5 with a 4.33 ERA this season, said there was nothing severe that happened to his shoulder, but rather it is the result of wear of 12 seasons in the Major Leagues.

"The inflammation kept building," he said. "It's been there, probably my whole career. The wear and tear over the years, it get to the point where the body tries to compensate, and with everything else, it's taken its toll. I had never had a severe injury. But with every throw, every pitch I was feeling something. The last few outings, it wasn't fun for me."

Before batting practice Tuesday, Garland had a catch in the outfield, and he called it quits relatively quickly.

Manager Don Mattingly said it wasn't necessarily a positive step in his recovery -- just a step.

"He's still having some soreness with the work that he's doing," Mattingly said. "He's trying to get that out of there before he starts throwing."

Garland recently said surgery is an option, but not one he plans to look into unless he has to.

The hardest part of recovery, he said, is watching from the sideline.

"I come into the parking lot, in the clubhouse and all of a sudden, it's go-time, and I'm unable to help my teammates," Garland said. "Sometimes I stay for the games, but a few times I take off. Honestly, I feel like I'm in the way."