Focus remains on field for Mattingly, Dodgers

Focus remains on field for Mattingly, Dodgers

Focus remains on field for Mattingly, Dodgers
LOS ANGELES -- The most pressing item for most Dodgers fans on Monday was apparently news to Don Mattingly.

In the wake of Commissioner Bud Selig's decision to reject a media rights deal between FOX and the Dodgers, the manager said he was unaware of any of the new developments.

"You're gonna have to refresh me," Mattingly said, adding he hadn't seen any news since he got to the ballpark.

Mattingly has made it well known already this season that he isn't exactly waiting on the edge of his seat for news about owner Frank McCourt's finances. As for his players, he hasn't heard anyone in the clubhouse even mention the situation.

Despite Monday's news, which could be extremely important for the future of the franchise, Mattingly said on his level, it didn't affect anything.

"From our standpoint, it's the same thing," Mattingly said. "Just continue to get ready to play and play. Through that process, just continue on one way or the other. From our standpoint, it's just back to the same thing, keep going and that will work itself out."

The empty seats at Dodger Stadium have been a topic of much discussion with Mattingly this season. But as he has all year, Mattingly said the only factor attendance-wise he can control is the team's record. Therefore, to him, that's the only factor that matters.

"We need to give [the fans] something to cheer about. Obviously to this point we haven't given them a whole lot to cheer about," Mattingly said. "A reason to show up. We've got to give them a reason to show up and be proud to be Dodger fans."