Sands adjusting to big league pitching

Sands adjusting to big league pitching

Sands adjusting to big league pitching
PITTSBURGH -- Fans were clamoring for the call-up of Jerry Sands when he hit .400 with five homers through 10 games at Triple-A Albuquerque.

So the Dodgers called him up and, well, this isn't Albuquerque. Sands is hitting .203 without a home run.

"I expected it to be hard and it is," said Sands. "Obviously, I wanted to get off to a good start. But it hasn't started like I wanted."

Sands believes it isn't so much that he's doing anything wrong, but that Major League pitchers are just that much better than he faced at Triple-A.

"I'm pretty much overall struggling, but I haven't changed anything," he said. "The pitchers here can locate more than one pitch in any count. It's tough to get used to guys who can throw in and out and you can't look for just one pitch.

"I'm still taking good swings, it's just my timing is off a tick, I think that's the main thing. I still think I can hit up here. It's not all about the pitching. This is my first time up and I'm learning a lot every day. I've just got to keep working and get it clicking."

The Dodgers came into the season hoping to get 20 or more home runs from a left-field platoon of Marcus Thames, Jay Gibbons and Tony Gwynn. So far, Thames' two homers are the only ones hit by Dodgers left fielders and both he and Gibbons have been on the disabled list, the latter's injury leading to Sands' promotion.