Injury may be behind Uribe's latest struggles

Injury may be behind Uribe's latest struggles

PITTSBURGH -- Dodgers manager Don Mattingly suspects Juan Uribe is still feeling the effects of the pitch he took on his left hand last week, but Uribe told Mattingly he's fine.

"Ever since he got hit, he hasn't been as good on that hand," Mattingly said of Uribe, who was hit by a 91-mph fastball from Cubs right-hander Carlos Zambrano last Wednesday.

Since then, Uribe is 0-for-14 with seven strikeouts. Prior to getting hit, Uribe was 0-for-3 with two strikeouts for a combined 0-for-17 and nine strikeouts, taking his batting average from .245 to .213.

"He's just struggled," said Mattingly. "He looks sound mechanically. I don't worry about him. I really think he's going to hit. Sometimes it's matchups. He'll run into a guy he doesn't match up with. Then he'll see guys he matches up good with. He seems a little out of sync. Sometimes a change of scenery in a new series can change what's going on."

Uribe appeared to be heating up in mid-April when he went 9-for-20 through a five-game stretch, only to strain a quad muscle and miss three games.