Wolf excited to be pitching for Dodgers

Wolf excited to be pitching for Dodgers

Dodgers pitcher Randy Wolf shared his excitement about pitching for the Dodgers this year and commented on a wide variety of topics during an online chat Tuesday afternoon from Vero Beach, Fla. Among the topics discussed were the "Wolf Pack," the Dodgers lineup and special routines or customs on game day.

Randy Wolf: Hello and welcome, everyone. Let's get started.

dodgrfan805: Are you looking forward to seeing the "Wolf Pack" in blue this year?

Wolf: I don't think it's going to be the same group of guys. My buddies said they were going to start it and I'll see how long it's going to last.

Tails: What's your favorite -- California In-N-Out Burger or Philly cheesesteaks?

Wolf: There's no doubt in my mind that nothing beats a Double-Double.

kikiblue: Randy, with an obvious lack of power hitters, but no shortage of great hitters in the Dodger lineup, how much pressure do you think falls on the starting five?

Wolf: I think every team, whether it wins or loses, is dependent on the starting pitching. I still think we have a good and balanced lineup.

dodgrfan805: Do you ever look at the scoreboard to see the speed of your last pitch?

Wolf: I do, but not on my fastball. I usually do it to check the speed on my changeup or slider.

UPress: Hey, Randy. Since Phillie fans are known for their rowdy behavior, do you think you will be booed when you go back there as a visiting pitcher?

Wolf: The Phillies fans were always great to me. I don't know what their reception will be towards me, but mine will be positive.

dodgrfan805: Name five songs in your iPod.

Wolf: I'll name five groups: Tool, System of a Down, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Pantera.

dodgerfanrob22: What's your favorite ballpark to pitch in?

Wolf: Dodger Stadium.

lalaland7: There is a buzz here in L.A., and we are very excited this year. Is there a certain buzz in the Dodgers' organization?

Wolf: It's hard for me to say since it is my first year. I am excited and everybody seems to want to win.

GoRookie: Welcome to L.A. We are glad to have you. Have you tried to throw the gyroball?

Wolf: According to ESPN radio the gyroball is a myth. It is really a screwball.

ricksone: What are you goals for this season?

Wolf: To be on a team that wins a world championship.

dodgerfanrob22: Who was your favorite Dodger when growing up? Congratulations on a great win yesterday.

Wolf: Orel Hershiser.

mrdavid: What do you think your best pitch is?

Wolf: My fastball because it sets everything else up.

dodgerfanrob22: What did you major in at Pepperdine University and what's it like to live your dream by putting on a Dodgers jersey with your last name on it?

Wolf: I was a marketing major at Pepperdine and it is a dream come true to play for the Dodgers.

dodgrfan805: On karaoke night, what song would you like to sing?

Wolf: "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

ELA_DODGRZ: What Dodgers rival do you look forward to beating first?

Wolf: It will be fun being part of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry.

Tails: After the last two games you pitched, how does your "new" arm feel?

Wolf: My "new" arm feels great, and after the last two games I feel my mechanics getting better.

magicmntn: What is the most incredible baseball moment you have witnessed in person?

Wolf: Kevin Millwood's no-hitter.

dodgrfan805: If you were in a band and touring around the country, which two Dodgers would you like to tour with you?

Wolf: Joe Beimel because he looks like a rock star and Mike Lieberthal because he thinks he's a rock star.

DodgersFan: Hey, Randy. What is your view of this year's team? How is the chemistry between the new guys like yourself and the hold-overs from last year's team?

Wolf: So far the chemistry on the team is great.

GoRookie: Who was the first player to talk to you when you got to L.A. and what did you talk about?

Wolf: Juan Pierre, and he said he was excited about the team.

lalaland7: Would you like to retire a Dodger?

Wolf: Yes, I would.

brazil8ro: Randy, how comfortable are you with being the No. 2 starting pitcher?

Wolf: No matter what spot in the rotation you are in, it is just as important as any other spot.

cuervojjg: What would you rather do, pitch a no-hitter or strike out 20 batters?

Wolf: Pitch a no-hitter. You could still lose if you strike out 20.

ThinkBlue: Any new pitches you're proud to "show off" this season?

Wolf: No, just trying to throw a lot of strikes.

ricksone: What is the best thing about playing in L.A.?

Wolf: I'll let you know as soon as I find out since I haven't done it yet.

lalaland7: What are your team expectations this season?

Wolf: To win a lot of games.

dodgrfan805: Do you have a special breakfast or certain ritual you perform on game day?

Wolf: Not really. If it's a night game I don't get up in time for breakfast.

coachsteve33: What number are you going to be?

Wolf: I'll be wearing 52.

dodgerfiend: How does it feel playing for the team you grew up rooting for?

Wolf: It's a great feeling.

Wolf: I have time to answer two more questions.

dodgrfan805: Do you ever snack between innings?

Wolf: Not when I am pitching. I do when I am not pitching.

dodgrfan805: If you hit a home run, would you like the ball back?

Wolf: It doesn't matter now. When I hit my first one I got the ball back.

Wolf: Thank you for joining me in the chat. I hope to see everyone at Dodger Stadium in 2007.