De Jesus Jr. appears on same field as father

De Jesus Jr. appears on same field as father

CHICAGO -- When rookie Ivan De Jesus Jr. took second base for the Dodgers in the eighth inning on Friday after replacing Juan Uribe, the Cubs' third-base coach did everything he could to get the rookie's attention.

He waved, whistled, yelled and jumped around the coach's box, but De Jesus Jr. completely ignored Ivan De Jesus Sr.

The scene occurred for the first time during Spring Training, but this was the first time that father and son had been in an official Major League game together.

"It was a moment I had been waiting for my whole life," said De Jesus Jr. "To be in a big league game and having my dad watch me play -- a dream come true."

Nonetheless, Junior had a job to do, and the last thing on his mind was acknowledging his father during the action.

"He was looking, and I wasn't looking," said Junior. I know his smile and what he would be saying to me. His smile says everything. I heard him, 'Look at me, look at me.' It was fun, but I had to concentrate on the game. We had dinner last night. I told him not to talk to me during the game."