Lindsey wants to stay in Majors

Lindsey wants to stay in Majors

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- First baseman John Lindsey missed Wednesday's Dodgers workout because of a cramp in his left calf, which he described as "kind of a tradition" for him in Spring Training.

"I've had it the last six or seven years," said Lindsey, who was on the disabled list at Triple-A last year with a similar injury. "It could be gone tomorrow."

Lindsey, however, is determined to stick around indefinitely. The 34-year-old made it to the Major Leagues last year after 16 Minor League seasons, but even though he's technically on the 40-man Major League roster, he still dresses at a locker on the "non-roster" side of the clubhouse.

"They're keeping me humble," he said. "I'm approaching this spring the same way as always. It's full speed to show what I can do. The only thing that's different is I'm not waiting to finally make the Major Leagues. But I have to fight and claw my way to stick."

Lindsey's dream callup last September was cut short when his left hand was fractured by a Daniel Hudson pitch in Arizona on Sept. 25.