Two Dodgers players to get crack at managing

Two Dodgers players to get crack at managing

LOS ANGELES -- Before this season finally ends, the Dodgers could have all kinds of managers.

Joe Torre said he will probably have retiring catcher Brad Ausmus manage one of the team's final three games of the season against the D-backs and pick one of his young players to manage another game before he manages the season finale.

Torre often allows a player to manage the final game of the season, but he said he will take that one, no doubt because of the possibility it might be his last ever. Last year, Ausmus managed the finale. This year, Torre said, Ausmus will catch the finale.

Letting a young player manage is a new twist, and he listed James Loney as a candidate.

"I get permission from the other manager and the umpires, and if they object, I don't do it," Torre said. "It's like, you think this is so easy? They seem to like hiring the pitching and hitting coaches. One time I had [Roger] Clemens take David Wells out of the game. It was fun. It's nice to give a young player a feel for the game."