Podsednik trying to avoid surgery

Podsednik trying to avoid surgery

LOS ANGELES -- Injured outfielder Scott Podsednik, back from seeing a foot specialist in Dallas, said he's confident he can avoid surgery for plantar fasciitis in his left heel.

Podsednik said that the painful condition (inflammation of the tendon connecting the heel and toes) is the result of "bad shoes."

Podsednik received an injection in the heel and was given a boot to wear for three weeks, during which he's been ordered to rest the foot and allow the inflammation to subside. If the condition doesn't respond to the conservative treatment, surgery is an option.

"But surgery has risks," Podsednik said. "It's not something I was comfortable with. There are other avenues to take. The doctors seem confident we'll get a good result [with these treatments]."

Podsednik, acquired from the Royals for two Minor Leaguers, has a contract that calls for a club option for 2011 for $2 million or a $100,000 buyout. If the club exercises the option, because he reached 525 plate appearances, he can void the deal, forfeit the buyout and become a free agent.

"There's a time and place for that, and it's not right now," Podsednik said.