Wallach discusses Lindsey's debut

Wallach discusses Lindsey's debut

HOUSTON -- Triple-A Albuquerque manager Tim Wallach joined the team in Houston on Friday and will spend the remainder of the season as a Dodgers coach.

Wallach coached 33-year-old John Lindsey, who after 16 seasons in the Minors, made his Major League debut this week and made his first start on Saturday against the Astros.

"As far as letting him know that he was going to the big leagues, it's the best thing I've gotten to do in the two years here," said Wallach. "There's a lot of tough things you have to do at times, but those are things you look forward to."

It's been easy to spot Lindsey in the Dodgers' clubhouse. He's been grinning from ear-to-ear all series.

"He doesn't seem to be affected by it at all," said Wallach. "He still has the same smile he had when he was playing for me. Maybe a little bigger."