Podsednik has fond memories of Houston

Podsednik has fond memories of Houston

HOUSTON -- Dodgers outfielder Scott Podsednik returned to his native Texas and the place where he helped the White Sox win the 2005 World Series.

Podsednik played a major role in the White Sox sweep of the Astros, hitting .286 with two triples and the winning home run in Game 2. Podsednik scored nine runs and stole six bases in the Series.

"Anytime I go back to Chicago or Houston, you can't help think about the '05 season," he said. "That's what we all play for, try to make it to the dance. Try to win that ring. To get that opportunity, in just my third year in the league, was pretty special. There are a lot of guys who play the game a long time that never get that opportunity to make it to a World Series.

"I remember all four games. It was a good Series. [The Astros] were in all four games. One hit here or there could have changed the whole course of the Series."

That was the only season Podsednik, who played two years in Seattle, two in Milwaukee and one in Colorado and this season with Kansas City, made the playoffs.

"It makes you realize you want more of it," Podsednik said of winning in '05. "You get a taste of it, and you want to get back. There's nothing like playing in the postseason. It's a lot different from the regular season. I consider myself lucky to experience that."