Torre shares blame for LA's shortcomings

Torre shares blame for LA's shortcomings

SAN DIEGO -- Dodgers manager Joe Torre still wouldn't talk about his future plans Wednesday, but he did address his club's recent past and how it's gone so wrong.

"It's my responsibility, no question it's my responsibility," Torre said, recalling that he hasn't come close to being in the role of spoiler since 1993.

"I deal with it philosophically. I wish I could have found something that made a difference. That's my job. It wouldn't be fair to sit back and say this guy is not doing this and it's not my fault. It's my responsibility to help them through it."

The tone of the questioning followed Torre's announcement that Clayton Kershaw's next start had been pushed back from Saturday in Houston to Tuesday in San Francisco.

Torre said he hadn't thrown in the towel on a postseason berth, but was looking at the club's situation realistically. When asked if the Dodgers were still in a race, he said:

"Ask me if we are at the end of the road trip. We need to put something together. We just can't get in unless we win games. We haven't sustained anything. Am I giving up? No, I'm not giving up. But talking about it is not getting it done. We can do all the arithmetic we want, but unless we do something right and follow through the weekend, winning a series is not enough. We need to go over and above that."

Torre has said he will discuss whether he returns as manager of the Dodgers when they clinch a postseason berth or are eliminated.