Torre's decision on future in holding pattern

Torre's decision on future in holding pattern

LOS ANGELES -- Manny's gone. What about Joe?

The Dodgers' Joe Torre said on Tuesday that his plan remains to announce his decision on whether he will retire as a manager, "When we clinch or we can't."

The Dodgers entered the day at 68-64, 5 1/2 games out of the National League Wild Card. They're playing the Wild Card leader, Philadelphia, on Tuesday night in the second game of a three-game set at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers' finish, potentially Torre's first out of the playoffs since 1995, won't influence the decision, he said. Neither would the Dodgers' ownership situation, unless owner Frank McCourt decided he didn't want Torre back.

All along, Torre's said it's about his family and his daughter, Andrea, who started the ninth grade Tuesday.

"As far as the game itself, I still enjoy it," Torre said. "There are other things that I want to do. I want to go to my daughter's softball practice or go here or go there. I'm not going to say this gets in the way because this is a [heck] of a way to earn a living, but there's a time you're going to have to do that."

Torre again said he's not looking for other managerial opportunities. If he decided to return as manager with Los Angeles, there is an understanding of what he would be paid. If he returned in an advisory capacity in the front office, a possibility he's mentioned, specifics of that contract would have to be worked out because it would be dependent on Torre's time commitment.

Torre signed a three-year, $13 million deal with the Dodgers before the 2008 season.