Manny out of Dodgers lineup due to matchup

Manny out of Dodgers lineup due to matchup

DENVER -- Manny Ramirez was not in the Dodgers' lineup Friday night after not starting Thursday, but it had nothing to do with waivers or trades, according to manager Joe Torre.

"He hasn't played that much and [Rockies starter Ubaldo] Jimenez is tough," said Torre. "And he's 1-for-13 with six strikeouts against him."

So Torre started Scott Podsednik (who had never faced Jimenez) in Coors Field's spacious left field and Torre didn't sound concerned about giving Ramirez only one start in the three-game series.

"I don't do day games after night games with him," Torre said. "Probably not. My guess is yes [starting Saturday]."

Torre said he wasn't as worried about pushing Ramirez after three stints on the disabled list with right leg injuries as he was his overall "inactivity for a couple months. But Manny's had a couple injuries on the calf and [covering ground in left field] is a factor. All that stuff goes into it."

Torre said he spoke to Ramirez twice Friday about not starting and "it made sense to him." But Torre said he had not spoken to Ramirez about recent reports of being put on waivers and claimed by the White Sox.

"I haven't. Not that I'm staying away from it," he said. "I may go up and talk and try to gauge his state of mind. He seems comfortable to me."