Colletti mum on White Sox claim on Manny

Colletti mum on White Sox claim on Manny

DENVER -- MLB rules prevent club officials from discussing waiver transactions, so Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti could not confirm or even talk about reports that outfielder Manny Ramirez had been claimed off waivers by the White Sox.

What Colletti did say is that as long as he believes the Dodgers are in contention for a postseason berth, he's "not inclined" to deal away key players.

"That's where I'm at," Colletti said Friday. "We need every contributing good player we can have."

Asked if Ramirez falls into that category, Colletti said "Yes."

Should the Dodgers continue winning after sweeping a three-game series in Milwaukee, chances of Ramirez being moved dwindle. An on-the-field reversal against the Rockies, however, could hasten his departure.

"My thoughts will be fluid from now until the end," Colletti said. "I think we're playing pretty good. I like the intensity, I like the results."

However, Colletti would not discuss reports that the club has the framework of a trade with the White Sox in place. He said he has not asked any player to waive a no-trade clause at this time. Speaking "generically," he said no-trade clauses are addressed after the teams have reached agreement.

Manager Joe Torre said he was comfortable that management remains committed to winning.

"We're trying to win," he said. "We're not looking to jump ship, or whatever expression you want to use. We're close enough right now, if we continue playing hard-nosed as we have the last couple of days, we're not giving up the thought of the postseason. Ned's not talking about next year, but how to help the club right now."