Setback has Furcal frustrated

Setback has Furcal frustrated

LOS ANGELES -- Rafael Furcal came so close to a rehab assignment at the start of the week before a setback, and the Dodgers shortstop has been disappointed, frustrated, and everything in between since. He didn't see any improvement on Friday.

"I'm doing everything right. I'm doing what they say, I'm working hard, and I still can't do anything," said Furcal, who's taking treatment but not participating in baseball activities at the moment. "It's a little worse than yesterday."

Furcal's been on the disabled list with a lower back strain since Aug. 3.The injury is particularly worrisome for Furcal, who had disk surgery in 2008, and manager Joe Torre sees the weight Furcal is carrying.

"He's not in very good spirits," Torre said. "He's not angry, he's just down."

"I feel so stupid right now," Furcal said. "It's unbelievable. I don't know what more I can do. I didn't do anything crazy and now this."