Torre's thoughts are with Clemens

Torre's thoughts are with Clemens

LOS ANGELES -- Joe Torre, who managed Roger Clemens in New York, said he felt "sadness" learning that the seven-time Cy Young Award winner had been indicated for making false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice and perjury while denying his use of performance enhancing drugs.

"It's sad," said Torre.

Torre said he never heard whispers of Clemens and steroid use.

"The only echoes you heard was that he couldn't win the big game, and after he won the World Series game for us, he didn't have to prove anything to me," Torre said.

"This [Thursday's charges] is not about what he did, it's what he said," Torre said. "Perjury is a very serious thing to be indicted for. My prayers are with him."

Torre said he saw Clemens when the Dodgers played the Red Sox in Boston and joked about inserting the right-hander into the Dodgers' starting rotation.

"The only thing he said is that once everybody knew everything, he'd come out all right," Torre said. "I never interrogated him and didn't want to know. I'm more concerned about him and his well being, as I was with [Andy] Pettitte.

"This is something baseball has to go through, has gone through. It's easy to sit and criticize and I'm not saying it's without merit. But when it involves people you know personally, it has a different perspective on it. Not that you condone it."