No surgery for Martin for at least three weeks

No surgery for Martin for at least three weeks

PHILADELPHIA -- Three specialists agree that Dodgers catcher Russell Martin will not have surgery, at least for the next three weeks while his broken hip heals, the club announced Tuesday night.

Martin will remain on crutches for a total of four weeks and be re-evaluated in September to determine if the fracture and/or the hip labrum he also tore will require surgery. Regardless, he is done for the rest of the season.

The consensus was reached after results of an MRI exam and CT scan were analyzed by three hip specialists -- Dr. Marc Philippon in Vail, Colo., Dr. Thomas Byrd in Nashville, Tenn., and Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York.

Martin suffered the injury last Tuesday night, when he subluxed his right hip trying to score without sliding. Because surgery requires a three-month rehab window, Martin could put off surgery until the end of the season and still have time to heal by Spring Training.

The injury was suffered on a freak play, when Martin made an awkward landing on his right foot, jamming the top of his leg into the cartilage-like material that insulates the inside of the hip joint.

Such a traumatic hip injury is considered unusual for baseball players, and even the specialists have limited cases for comparison. Because of the requirement for catchers to squat, and the stress squatting puts on the hip, it's not clear what Martin faces long term.