Martin added to list of hurting Dodgers

Martin added to list of hurting Dodgers

LOS ANGELES -- Russell Martin is to go for an MRI on his right hip on Wednesday after an awkward step hyperextended his leg in the second inning on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. He didn't exit the game until the top of the eighth, when Brad Ausmus entered.

"I still had mobility, you know, but I obviously didn't have all of it," Martin said. "I know I can play with this, it's just whether or not if I play with it is it going to worse?"

Martin's two-run double was the difference in a 2-1 Dodgers win over the Padres. He moved to third on a wild pitch before the inning ended with the unlucky sequence. Jamey Carroll flied out to center and Chris Denorfia threw to the plate in time to catch a tagging Martin, who did not slide. There was no collision, but Martin fell awkwardly right after touching home and went to the ground.

"It was after I touched the plate," he said. "It was right where the grass meets the dirt. I kind of, I took a stride, I almost peeked back to look at what the call was, and that's when I hyperextended it."

The decision not to slide was chivalrous, but not necessarily inconsequential.

"It looked like it was going to be bang-bang, I was indecisive whether to hit him [catcher Nick Hundley]," Martin said. "He kind of just stood there, and it didn't look like the ball was getting there and I don't want to hit the catcher when he doesn't have the ball in his hand. It was so bang-bang, it caught me in between."