Podsednik shows wheels in Dodgers debut

Podsednik shows wheels in Dodgers debut

SAN DIEGO -- Scott Podsednik's Dodgers career began 0-for-3 with a stolen base, strikeout and an error Thursday in a 3-2 walk-off loss to the Padres. The Dodgers acquired the 34-year-old outfielder for a pair of Minor Leaguers on Wednesday.

Podsednik arrived a little after 1 p.m. PT after waking up at 5:30 a.m. CT in Kansas City. He was charged with an error on a difficult play with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning. Podsednik slid in an attempt to cut off a Will Venable gapper to left-center but couldn't come up with the ball and Venable took third.

"I thought so, I thought so," Podsednik said when asked about the toughness of the scoring. "Venable can run a little bit. I was just trying to cut it off. I had to go to a knee to slide and keep it from getting by me, and I mishandled it."

Podsednik made good on manager Joe Torre's decision to bat him leadoff with a steal after a two-out walk against Mat Latos in the bottom of the third. That was Podsednik's 31st stolen base of the season, although it didn't require a headfirst slide -- the pitch got away.

"I didn't know that the pitch got away from him, I didn't look in," Podsednik said. "[Latos] had thrown over twice. He was going relatively quickly. I was trying to anticipate it and I left just a hair too soon."

Podsednik also grounded out and reached on a fielder's choice. The latter came with two on and one out in the fifth on a grounder to first that led to an out at the plate. He struck out swinging in the eighth. Torre bumped Rafael Furcal to the No. 2 spot in a move he thought could benefit both players.

"I talked to Raffy about it, and he had no problem, try it this way," Torre said. "Podsednik is probably more comfortable there, switch-hitter. The fact that Raffy will be hitting in front of [Andre] Ethier may give him more pitches to hit. We'll give it a test run. I'd rather have somebody running and stealing in front of Raffy than Ethier."

Before the game, Podsednik said he had not talked to the Dodgers this past offseason, when he found himself with fewer offers than he desired and signed a one-year deal with Kansas City.

"I've played against most of the guys in here," Podsednik said. "I don't think I've played with any of them, but I'm pretty familiar with most of the guys. This was my first experience getting traded during the season. It's a little bit different, a little more hectic ... It's a lot more fun being in the middle of a race and contending at the end than where we were with the Royals."