Kershaw dropped appeal because of timing

Kershaw dropped appeal because of timing

SAN DIEGO -- Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw on Monday dropped the appeal to his five-game suspension, but on Tuesday he made it clear he still doesn't agree with it.

Kershaw said he dropped the appeal because the hearing was scheduled for Thursday. Had he lost the appeal, he would have begun serving the suspension on Friday, four games after his last start. That would have effectively made the suspension nine games.

"I don't agree with the suspension at all," he said. "It's better for the team to do it sooner than to go through the appeal and be out longer than needed."

Kershaw was suspended because umpire Adrian Johnson determined that the lefty had intentionally hit Giants outfielder Aaron Rowand with a pitch after Johnson had warned both benches when Giants starter Tim Lincecum hit Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. No action was taken against Lincecum.

"I don't think it was handled right," said Kershaw. "I don't agree with the umpire's view of it, with a lot of stuff that happened. That's the purpose of the appeal, but I'll just have to deal with the consequences, and that's all there is to it. Five games is a little much. I don't think I should miss a start for it."

Coincidentally, Kershaw will return from his suspension to start Sunday's game, against the Giants in San Francisco. Kershaw's next start after that figures to be against the Nationals and, possibly, rookie sensation Stephen Strasburg.

"If they warn me before the game not to pitch inside, I'm still going to pitch my game," Kershaw said. "It's over now, the situation's done with and it won't come up again."