Colletti: No deals imminent for Dodgers

Colletti: No deals imminent for Dodgers

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, after calling up 22-year-old reliever Kenley Jansen, said Friday no deals appeared imminent in his continued search for experienced pitching help with the Trade Deadline barely a week away.

"I'm waiting to hear responses to what we talked about with other clubs," said Colletti. "I don't owe anybody a call. Everybody owes me a call."

As in recent years, the Dodgers are seeking players to plug holes without decimating the farm system or their pocketbook. Colletti has done well in these situations, landing Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, Greg Maddux, Marlon Anderson, Jon Garland, George Sherrill and Ronnie Belliard among others in similar midseason deals, often absorbing little or no salary increase.

But the Dodgers have not picked up the kind of contracts that would come with top-line starters like Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren, and they are not believed to be serious pursuers of those two now.

And they've been stung enough (Cleveland's Carlos Santana in the Blake trade, for example) to be reluctant to part with multiple top prospects, especially if there's also a hefty contract to inherit.

Their focus is split between starting and relief, especially with the season-long struggles of relievers Sherrill and the continued absence of Ronald Belisario. Colletti said he had no idea when, or if, Belisario -- believed to be undergoing substance abuse treatment -- would return, conceding that he pretty much is assuming he won't have Belisario for purposes of roster building.

"We need to upgrade either [starting or relief]," said Colletti. "And it doesn't mean that on the 31st [of July] it's over with. Last year we picked up [Vicente] Padilla [after his release], Jon Garland, Jim Thome after that."

Colletti said picking up a financial commitment is possible.

"It depends what it is," he said. "If it makes sense as a baseball deal, we're going to do it. Am I giving up an exorbitant salary and a fistful of prospects? I'm not going to do that any time."

Colletti said injuries to Manny Ramirez and Reed Johnson have left the outfield corps thin, but pitching remains the trade priority.

"We're looking a little there, but not to the extent of it hurting our pitching hunt," he said. "The outfield is a little more concern, not just Manny, but also Reed Johnson, but not to the extent of forgoing pitching. Starter or reliever, you can't cut yourself off from either. Wherever the deal takes us to fill one or both, we'll take it."