Ethier would have declined Derby if asked

Ethier would have declined Derby if asked

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers All-Star outfielder Andre Ethier said Wednesday he was not asked to participate in the State Farm Home Run Derby -- tickets for which are still available -- but he would decline to participate if he were.

"They never asked me, but I wouldn't do it," said Ethier, who was voted a starter in for his first career All-Star Game appearance. Ethier said he wouldn't want to hurt his mechanics or tire himself out.

Batting .322 with 14 home runs and 50 RBIs, Ethier was off to an incredible start this season until a fractured right pinky sidelined him for the second half of May. Ethier wore a special splint made out of fabric when he first returned, and said the soreness only went away in the last two weeks.

Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, Vernon Wells, Matt Holliday and Corey Hart have committed to the Derby, but Robinson Cano dropped out because of a minor back injury.

The Home Run Derby will take place on Monday at 5 p.m. PT in Anaheim and will be aired on a number of ESPN platforms. The All-Star Game will follow on Tuesday and will be televised nationally by FOX Sports, with pregame ceremonies beginning at 5 p.m.

At 28, Ethier is excited to be named to his first Midsummer Classic, particularly because he'll be playing in Anaheim, just a short drive from Dodger Stadium.

"You always dreamed, you always wanted to be on your All Star team, whatever the league was," Ethier said. "The first All-Star Game I can remember was the one in 1990 in Chicago. That was the one with [Barry] Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn, Darryl Strawberry."

"I know he has to be excited about the All-Star selection," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said.

Torre said he didn't know whether Ethier had been asked to the Home Run Derby, but hinted he wouldn't mind either way.

"Would he be interested to do it and screw up his swing for him?" Torre joked. "He can hit a number of home runs to left field, especially day time in Anaheim. Just like day time here [at Dodger Stadium], the ball jumps."

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