Manny gets cheers during batting practice

Manny gets cheers during batting practice

BOSTON -- Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez was warmly greeted by fans, with only a handful of boos, when he first stepped onto the Fenway Park field for batting practice Friday, bringing a smile to the face of manager Joe Torre.

"That's what I was hoping they'd do," said Torre. "He meant a lot to this franchise and this city."

Ramirez, in his first Boston appearance since the 2008 trade to the Dodgers, heard more cheers when he stepped into the batting cage for his first round of swings. Fans even cheered when he cleared the Green Monster for the first time.

Ramirez, however, didn't extend such a warm reception to the 40 or so reporters jammed into the tiny visitors' clubhouse, hoping he would break his season-long media blackout.

"I'll bet you all a dollar he won't talk," joked Matt Kemp.

The club requested Ramirez hold a news conference, but he declined.