Manny likely to DH in return to Boston

Manny likely to DH in return to Boston

CINCINNATI -- No one knows what kind of reception Manny Ramirez will get when he returns to Fenway Park this weekend, but he likely won't have to deal with the Boston crowd when the Red Sox are batting.

Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he plans for Ramirez to be the designated hitter in Boston and during the following series at the Angels.

"That's my plan going in," Torre said. "I really haven't talked to him about it. I sort of threw it out there to him last night. I think it's probably the best thing just to keep him in the lineup for three games."

Avoiding the crowd in left field did not factor into Torre's decision, but Torre said it could be a bonus. He hasn't ruled out playing Ramirez in the outfield for one of the games during the rest of the road trip.

"It's tough, you go out there six straight games, I may put him in the outfield some day," Torre said. "But I don't know when that would be. And again I may not. It depends what he feels he needs. He always goes out there and takes fly balls anyway."

Ramirez had the day off on Thursday with Garret Anderson taking his place in left field.