Girl injured during BP OK after surgery

Girl injured during BP OK after surgery

LOS ANGELES -- The 3-year-old girl who suffered a fractured skull when hit in the head by a Russell Martin line drive in batting practice Monday underwent surgery Tuesday and a full recovery is expected, doctors said.

"The surgery went well and we anticipate a full recovery," said Dr. J. Gordon McComb, head of the division of neurosurgery for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. "We expect she'll be able to go home by the end of the week."

Martin was taking batting practice when he pulled a wicked line drive into the baseline field box seats just past third base. The girl was picked up and cradled by her father, who rushed her to first aid. She then was taken to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, where the surgery was performed.

"I talked to the dad earlier today," said Martin. "It definitely was an accident and there really was nothing else you could do. I'm glad to hear she had surgery and she's doing better and long-term she'll be OK. I'm sure she's still a little shaken up. It's definitely tough for the whole family, but at least I'm glad she'll be OK.

"When it happened, I wasn't sure how serious it was," he said. "Then I saw she was hit in the head and didn't know if she lost consciousness. A fractured skull is pretty bad, but as long as she has a good recovery. My prayers were with her."

Martin said he intends to visit the girl "when the time is right." He said when he hit the ball, it looked like it was headed for an unoccupied section of seats, "but it had a lot of topspin, and it just sunk where the girl had her head poking out."