Furcal showing signs of return to form

Furcal showing signs of return to form

DENVER -- He committed a throwing error that led to a pair of unearned runs, his seventh error in 24 games, so all still is not well with Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal.

But on Saturday night, he did show he was able to make a play that had previously disappeared from his repertoire in the wake of 2008 back surgery.

Twice against the Rockies, Furcal ranged deep into the hole between short and third base, made a backhand grab of a grounder, slammed on the brakes and threw across his body. He threw out Ian Stewart in the first inning and just missed getting Troy Tulowitzki in the third.

But with a strained hamstring healed, Furcal said he's able to do things he couldn't -- or wouldn't -- do a year ago.

"I was scared for my back," Furcal admits. "Now I feel good, my back feels good, I don't feel anything and I can play my game and move more than before."

Furcal recalled that it was that type of twisting play on which he originally injured his back in a Coors Field game in September of 2007. He reinjured it in 2008 throwing out David Wright of the Mets in May and before he played another game he had surgery for a herniated disk and didn't play again until September.

Although technically healed last year, Furcal played the entire season but was cautious in the field and on the bases, where he stole only 12 bases. He has eight this year.