Troncoso finds flaw in delivery

Troncoso finds flaw in delivery

CHICAGO -- Ramon Troncoso thinks he's figured out why he's allowed three home runs in his past two appearances, with his ERA jumping from 3.48 to 5.06.

"I was watching videos of last year, and I see that sometimes I lean too fast," said Troncoso. "When I stay back, my sinker moves like it used to. That's not an excuse, it just happens sometimes."

And when Troncoso leans, bullpen coach Ken Howell said, Troncoso's sinker flattens, because his arm can't catch up to his body.

We just have him lift his leg straight up before he moves his hand, and everything flows way better," said Howell. "It was just a hiccup that hopefully we got ironed out."

Troncoso already leads the club, and is tied for fourth in the league, with 24 appearances.